Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Shorewood getting all Hood

As with most nights in a bar, I found myself standing at the yoooo-rye-nal (that's british for pee pee place) in Stonefly Brewery and check this out: 1st time I ever saw a SHOREWOOD tag. What business does Shorewood have in the tagging world? Are we hard all of a sudden? Our cross walks are all nice and brick paved son! Yo, tell your girl we gots seasonal snowflakes all up on our lightposts! Don't even think about parking overnight cos you'll catch that ticket bitchslap! What! Look at how lame of a tag this is, like the graffiti artist's hand was rebelling against the message it was receiving from his brain. "Am I really tagging SHOREWOOD?" In the small frame of this photo, you can see bits of ambitious tags all around. And here we have boring ass, black ink, ALL CAPS Shorewood. But wait, the H is crossed out! Oh damn! Pull down the shades, it's about to get real up in S#OREWOOD. Really real.

Oh yeah, we saw DJ Yoda and it was a true lesson in the pure fun of being a basement DJ and rocking a crowd. No lasers or bowel loosening euro-bass beats or chicks with push up weirdness and spray-on tan stained tank tops (although I am not always opposed to that). It was the perfect mix of crappy lighting cutting cigarette smoke, tats n beards (the riverwest flag), cans of beer, girls dancing all freaky and real music mixed from the heart. Really real.

Check out DJ Yoda here.

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