Monday, May 11, 2009

HEY MILWAUKEE: Wanna Film Your World For A Night? + Looking for Photos and Film Footage from Milwaukee

I am pulling together a short film where I need tons and tons of Milwaukee-based photos and film footage that will be the foundation of the film. NOTE:***Sound doesn't matter - just images, cool angles, shots, movement - your world!! I don't want to give away the flow or premise of the film so if you have footage and want to recycle it and contribute to this project - high five! - and email me for the full story and plan for this short film. I am creating this film initially to submit to the Milwaukee Film Fest and then subsequent festivals....yes, you will get credit! :)

So, two things here:

1) I have a nifty little FLIP camera to lend you to film you (although its probably against my better judgement - ha) and your crazy little night or day out in Milwaukee. Or rock your own business and hand me a tape. Sound doesn't matter - just images, cool angles, shots, movement - your world!!

2) I am looking for cool, Milwaukee based film clips or still images. Black and white or color - doesn't matter. The weirder the footage, the better. Things like:
- basement shows
- nights out
- DJs and bars
- kickin it with friends
- city scapes
- skate films
- scratchy old super 8mm from your momma's attic
- random shots around your school or coffee shop or bar or where ever you kick it.
- your crap on Facebook or Flickr - just send me the link to the photo album!

Please reply here as a comment, call me at 414-530-4207 or email for more info.

I hope to have everything pulled together by Fri May 29th - hope to hear from you soon!

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