Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Date With Windex + CW Green Your World Wrap Up

I recently finished a national contest hosted by the CW Network and SC Johnson called GREEN YOUR WORLD where 4 filmmakers were picked to submit weekly vlogs for an entire month about eco-initiatives going on in their city. I'm grateful I had the chance to participate in this contest to show how progressive, green, and eco-cool Milwaukee really can be.

The other vloggers (video blogs) chose different ways to interpret the assignment but I chose to dive straight into the whats-up-now green activity in Milwaukee. Films 1-4 were a bit of green-investigative journalism around Milwaukee ranging from reports on Urban Farms and Green Business to Recycling to Green Engineering at MSOE. Film #5, which was optional, was just a fun way to end the series. I'm not sure if it will be posted on the contest website so I'll just post it here and below in the YouTube box right down there. Holler.

Below the film are links to press we received which I feel is important because it shows how eager media outlets are for forward thinking, green news. And to have a chance to rep Milwaukee rocks! There are also links to learn more about the contest. The soundtrack to the film is an instrumental version of ROLLING STONE POSTER by SAM WINTERS. Peep his work here and here.

Also, the contest was sponsored by Wisconsin's own SC Johnson so big up to them. Check how GREEN they are here.


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Earth Fuel Magazine - picked up OMC article, Filmmaker Shows How Green Milw Can Be
Bio Fuel Fans - picked up OMC article, Filmmaker Shows How Green Milw Can Be
Wind Article / Wind Farm News Wire - picked up OMC article
Energy Wire - picked up OMC article, Filmmaker Shows How Green Milw Can Be
eDopter Social Trendcasting: Wind Power - picked up OMC article
Brewcity Big Screen - picked up OMC article, Filmmaker Shows How Green Milw Can Be
This Week In WI Arts - filmmaker shows a green Milwaukee Music - Howie Goldklang / CW Green Your World post

on the radio - WMSE 91.7 - click here, open April 2nd show, about 2/3rd thru is the interview

WI Jewish Chronicle - salon helps make hairmats for Oil Spills

sent out links throughout March/ Arp 09 while voting was available

WMSE Twitter - several mentions and links to contest leading up to interview
Greener Milwaukee Twitter - big supporter, would forward numerous links each week
88.9fm Radio Milwaukee Twitter - DJs would forward links to vote
Flynn Fleming LLP Twitter
GreenWholeSale Twitter
Milwaukee Film Twitter and Facebook
Vital Source / Third Coast Digest - Twitter, MySpace, Facebook
MySpace - Slamdance Film Festival, Not If But When Underground Entertainment,

CW Network Green Your World Contest Page

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