Monday, March 23, 2009

Surface To Air

I found my new-but-its-already-old everything's-gonna-be-alright song and considering how gray and gross it is outside, it's not a moment too soon. No, its not Bob in Trenchtown. No its not All My Friends by LCD Soundsystem but funny you/I mention that because after listening to my new/old jam, LCD done ripped em off! And lets face it, don't you wanna smack LCD with a bag full of nickels? Hey SkinnyJean Soundsystem: we get it, you're hip, now come out with another album, your EP/DJ-dom is puuuuh-layed.

I digress: the song thats gettin me all batty is : Surface to Air by the Chemical Brothers and I dare you to drink something strong from Alterra and then listen to this song. I am trying to remove this song from any sort of bar or any other smokey (ahem, ahem) setting because just the thought of it makes me wanna quit life, rock headphones and dance-jog around Lake Michigan until the end of summer. (Which isn't even close: self-buzzkill!!)

BTW: people have been emailing a whole bunch saying two things: are you a dog/that's really F-ing weird and if you are from a salon, why don't you blog more about hair? Here's the catch all answer: yes, I am a dog named Otis that chills in The Establishment Salon and what's weirder than reading my blog is emailing a dog. Get bent dorkpants. Oh and want more about hair? Get that mop cut, its spring time now freshen up, ya hear?! As a matter of fact, we are giving away a FREE HAIRCUT per DAY till April 15th - only on TWITTER so click over and FOLLOW US. Thanky.

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