Friday, March 20, 2009

Easy Otis Interview #3: Brian Dell + FREE NIN /Jane's Addiction mp3s

Hey all - Easy Otis tapped on the shoulder of Brian Dell to hear about the latest and greatest from one of Milwaukee's busiest filmmaker / rock photographers.

NOTE: He is a big NIN fan so I would be remiss to post his interview without this nugget of awesomeness: go to NINJA 2009 for a free download of NIN and Jane's Addiction tracks. What?! Yeah, that just happened.

Back to Brian Dell: If you are in a band go to his site at and hire him for your music video. Now!

1) What are you working on right this second?

I have a few things in the pipe... finishing up a photo job for The Lucas Cates Band, trying to setup a screening of Nuna Minch's horror film "Brutal" in Madison, editing "Reptile" for a possible extra on the fan-created new NIN dvd, also writing and editing for The Hellbound Chronicles, a Hellraiser comic project based in the UK. I'm working with Matt Schmitz (of Sleestak) on our comic so I'm excited about that.

2) Of all the rockers you’ve photographed, who had the weirdest / most notable hair?

I'd say the frontman of Shadows Fall, a band I shot while working at the Rave. The singer's dreadlocks are probably 5 feet + and they're flying around like crazy from the headbanging... pretty cool.

3) What do you have slated for 2009-2010?

Upgrading my camera to HD, hopefully doing some music videos and more freelance work through my website, Possibly shooting some fights for Maybe helping with Brutal 2 if things work out...

4) What shows are you looking forward to this summer?

Some of the usual suspects- Recalcitrant, Lockjaw, any other local bands I can catch. If national shows like NIN/Jane's Addiction or STP swing through here, I'll be one of many photogs desperately trying to get a photo pass, haha...

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