Thursday, March 12, 2009

First McLovin, Now This!

Annie is no stranger to the limelight. She's met Hanson numerous times, shared a slow-dance with McLovin from Superbad right here in our salon (see below) and yesterday, Annie was interviewed by the greatest reporter in Milwaukee history / Annie's client, George Mallet, on TMJ 4 News as a local Jonas Brothers expert. What can't she do!?

That's not rhetorical people, here's a quick look at what she can't do: levitate, play the guitar, self-detonate, accelerate healing, mind control and/or telekinesis, breathe underwater, poach eggs, speak German, shoot 4 under at Augusta, bow hunt on a unicycle, predict the future, become invisible, draw kintetic energy and turn it into physical blasts. Other than that, what can't she do!?!

click photo to view Annie on TV

From The EASY OTIS Archive:
Annie & McLovin From Superbad

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