Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Jane Says: I Seriously Can't Handle This Right Now

So here's the dealy: Jane's Addiction are touring with Nine Inch Nails this summer on the NINJA tour. Get it? NIN. JA. NINJA. Thing is, Jane's are one of those tear-up-the-underground-and-break-up-before-your-success bands so the four of them in the same room, let alone performing again is pretty awesome. In late 2008, they decided to give it a test run so they bought out little Mexican restaurants around downtown LA to play old-school, word-of-mouth gigs. I musta went well because on Feb 16th, Jane's played their first proper gig at the Echoplex in LA which brings us to this post. I can't handle this. Peep this video and if you CAN handle this, check your pulse and cancel your internet service now. Now!

There are more Jane's Addiction videos from the Echoplex at Pitchfork TV

1 comment:

Brian said...

I grew more in the shadow of NIN, but have recently come to love JA more and more. They'd better play WI or all hell will break loose... (maybe not, just saying tho.)
Norm MacDonald is coming, so I'm excited about that anyways.