Saturday, January 31, 2009

We Are Closed Feb 3-10

The salon will be closed from February 3-10, 2009. We hope this does not inconvenience too many of you.

Please visit ATOMIC RECORDS instead. They are closing soon....for good. I know, unbelievable.

Get and Stay Local peeps,


smashing pumpkins @ atomic records 1991

from CMJ Magazine, Atomic owner Rich Menning Q & A

What are some of the most memorable in-stores you’ve hosted and why?
1) Gene Loves Jezebel - 300 teenyboppers and a label rep jumping up on the front counter screaming, “Move back—you’re crushing the band!”
2) The Paybacks, from Detroit – most loudest and most rockingest (We love Wendy Case.)
3)The Posies – They called us from the road wondering if anyone was gonna show up, we pleasantly surprised them with a packed crowd.
4) The Toadies – Knowing I was a Cheap Trick fan, they worked out “Hello There” just for me.
5) I could go on forever…Low, Lush, Smashing Pumpkins, Wedding Present, Teenage Fanclub, DJ Spooky, Camper Van Beethoven (both 1988 and 2005), Alkaline Trio, Frank Black, Tegan And Sara, Aqualung, L7….

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