Thursday, September 30, 2010

WASTELAND @mkefilm 2010

Finally! A documemtary film that sticks to the ribs, makes you want to get up and shake the world. WASTELAND follows NYC based, Brazilian native photographer Vik Muniz as he travels to the largest landfill in the world in Rio De Janiero to meet the workers and take portraits. What starts as a documentary portrait art project of the Garbage Pickers turns into an organic story about how art can bring people together and ultimately transform lives, one person at a time.

Please don't tell me this film will be on HBO next week or I'll take back every hi-five I gave to the programmers for selecting this film.

I'm gonna go home, re-read Siddartha and cry myself to sleep. Just kidding, going to the film's after party at Alterra on Prospect for a hot minute, then will see Uncle Booboo Whatever Thailand Cannes Winner / Probably High Art Crap and a doc about David Byrne later tonight. Then I'll cry myself to sleep, probably for reasons unrelated to WASTELAND. I have my own issues.

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