Friday, September 24, 2010

Opening Night at Milw Film Fest 2010 #mff2

Peeps waiting to get in to see BLUE VALENTINE. Or $2 domestics at the Landmark draws a sick happy hour crowd.

Hey, old people who say the younger generation is lost on tradition? What do you call young dude on the organ? Yeah. Eat it.

Obligatory post-opening night marquee shot.

BLUE VALENTINE: Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams stuff a love story inside a lo fi indie. Would be an Oscar contender if it was 1999. Director let his actors down-it's one thing to direct a film and pull great performances, which he did, but it's another to move the camera in ways that leave your mark on your work and this is where BLUE VALENTINE falls short.

Ummmm, ok.

Stay tuned for 10 more days of real reviews, not sweetened by sponsors. Holler!

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