Saturday, September 25, 2010

Day 3: Milwaukee Film Fest 2010 #mff2

Saw the feature AU REVOIR TAIPEI tonight. After getting shaky festival legs from BLUE VALENTINE, this was a welcome come back. Is it a great film? No. The story was a bit thin and the dialogue was expositional. But what it did do is what BLUE VALENTINE missed: the director put their heart into shooting the culture and city around them to support the performances. Little things like street vendor cooking, late night flea markets, bad music playing in cars, 24 hour stores, scenes cut all hours of the day. A little heart and soul. That's the foundation of a festival film. And two other things made it a thumbs up:

1) every character had amazing hair. seriously serious bangs.

2) TJ from Milwaukee Film Fest introduced the film as one of his favorites from the Berlin Film Fest. As someone who judges people by the bands they like and tshirts they wear, I'll support TJs recommendations. He likes Phish and Motorhead. Not sure about his tshirts, don't see him that often.

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