Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stars and Stripes Forever

We finally got our new god damn windows. We made it through contractor bids, facade improvement applications , village contracts and the Shorewood Design Review board; a process that took so long I could have finished getting my masters and still had time to go to one of the 700 meetings necessary to pull permits in this town. Oh Shorewood you silly time waster you!

I digress.

Maybe it's the Olympics or maybe it's the ton of menu of services and business cards I found in our basement earlier today but something inspired me. Inspired me so to grab scotch tape (and scotch) and create what will be noted in my (auto) biography as the first of what will be three elementary-school-art periods in my life. The second will come later this year and yet another will happen 6 years from now when I emerge from the Ganges River, inspired like Siddartha, ready to create once again. Be careful not to get this confused with my upcoming semi-solo-career-George Harrison phase or my actual Siddartha phase where i will reflect on my life and recognize each elementary-school-art-phase as a special journey both individually and combined as a full artistic point of view and statement. You know what, even I don't know what I'm talking about at this point.

Here are pics of our latest window display. Or you could say the window company didn't finish so we can't exactly install our new signs yet. You could also say I had some free time this afternoon. Enjoy our mini photo essay of the god damn windows.


The Establishment Salon
The Estblishment Salon - LA

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