Friday, July 31, 2009

Ice Cream Sandwich, MD

Just a note that, if you are so inclined, you should send to your congressmen and congresswomen stuck in the middle of all this healthcare spitfire. Message: Doctors are good people. Don't lump them in with pharma-lobbyists/insurance soul suckers trying to put the breaks on balancing our heavily tilted healthcare system. Our country, with the greatest technology, R & D, and hospitals in the world is 50th in life expectancy. 50th! The sad thing is, the MDs who give up a good part of their time where you are supposed to be dumb and crazy (aka their 20s) to be in Med School, are being squeezed by both sides when all they want to do is help people. Free up our health care, nationalize it like the police and fire department and hug your doctor next time you see him or her.

Why all this MD blah blah? We have a client, early 30s, cool guy doctor who missed his appointment because his 24 hour shift went late and he passed out at the hospital and woke up a few hours after his scheduled his appointment. Dressed in full scrubs and standing in our doorway, he bought all of our stylists ice cream sandwiches to say he was sorry. In the 30th hour of his workday. So, please, think of the MDs, get buzzing gnat lobbyists out of Wash DC and let the people who elected and everyone in between do their ethical and moral job.

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