Thursday, June 04, 2009

Intellectual Chest Bumping. Who the f&%K says that?

I just heard some dude use the term "intellectual chest bumping". I almost instinctively slapped his coffee right out of his hand. You don't just drop that weirdo nugget out there and expect me to ignore it. I'm a dog, my keen senses are all keen to things like this. He said it in the middle of a story, one that you can tell he told before, which makes me think the term intellectual chest bumping has been busted out many-a-times. He slowed his speech as he said it and looked around for nods of approval.(i'm wishing I slapped the coffee now). I bet he's stood in the shower, retelling the story in his head, dropping mental intellectual chest bumping in those silent retellings too, snickering a bit every time he says it.

This is a guy who still raises the roof, does the blow-up hand/noise after a knuckle bump, over-pronounces the words "bling" and "holler" and goes to concerts wearing the shirt of the band he's seeing. I'm sure he's a nice guy though.

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Teecycle Tim said...

Definitely a coffee slapping type moment.