Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Stranger on Earth

Long story short: Just got an email from a friend who randomly met an old friend of mine from a lifetime ago that made an amazing film called STRANGER: BERNIE WORRELL ON EARTH. Trailer is below. Looks sick, right? Probably never heard of Bernie or this film or both, right? Me neither till I met the filmmakers. Hundreds of films get made every year about so many corners of life from beautiful, enigmatic, genius world-reknowned musicians to basic, humble down home farmers to political upstarts to you and your neighbor. Everyone's got a story. This is Bernie's, made by Phil DiFiore. Moral of the story: support independent film! Shut THE F-ING BACHELOR off and seek out compelling, challenging, reality-based films. Come on people! Let's go!

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(414) 332-0195 said...

I seriously almost cried when I watched this for some reason